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Re: [PATCH] Return 'int' rather than 'unsigned short' in avrdis_opcode

On Mon, Dec 12, 2016 at 9:50 AM, Yao Qi <> wrote:
> avrdis_opcode return type is unsigned short, but -1 at the end of
> this function is returned.  Additionally, print_insn_avr doesn't
> handle when -1 (in case of memory error) is returned from
> avrdis_opcode.
> This patch changes avrdis_opcode returning int indicating the error,
> and adds a new argument for instruction we got on success.  The
> opcode is 16-bit, so I change local variables type to uint16_t,
> and include "bfd_stdint.h" as a result.  On memory error,
> print_insn_avr returns -1, which is a common convention among most
> of print_insn_$ARCH functions.
> Regression tested with all targets enabled.  Is it OK?
> opcodes:
> 2016-12-12  Yao Qi  <>
>         * avr-dis.c: Include "bfd_stdint.h"
>         (avrdis_opcode): Change return type to int, add argument
>         insn.  Set *INSN on success.
>         (print_insn_avr): Check return value of avrdis_opcode, and
>         return -1 on error.


Yao (齐尧)

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