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Re: Binutils release 2.28 - soon

On Mon, 12 Dec 2016 01:49:19 PST (-0800), wrote:
> if we still follow the new plan, the next release should be made early 2017, which means the 2.28 branch should be created soon (TM).
> However, commit activity is still high and I'd prefer not to cut arbitrary.
> It would be nice if the branch could be created this week or the next week;
> if this doesn't work for you, please answer to this mail and share your
> plans!

Thanks for the heads up.  We actually wanted to get a few things upstream
before a release, as our port got merged while still being a bit of a work in
progress.  We've submitted a patch set

that we think is sufficient to do a proper release with (ie, maintaining ABI
compatibility forever).  I don't want to cause too much trouble (and I
definitely don't want to hold up a release), but I really don't want to support
a bad set of ABI flags or relocations -- that would be a mess.  Sorry if this
causes trouble!  We'd really just like to get a sane port before anything gets

I'd also like to thank both Kito and Kuan-Lin, as without their help we would
never have been able to get things in as good of a shape as they currently are.

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