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Re: type of compressed debug sections differing in ld.bfd and on linux?

Hi Matthias,

> I didn't get feedback on

now you did ;-)

> Is the type of the compressed debug sections really different on linux targets
> in the BFD linker and gold? It looks wrong to me hard code the spec while you

How do you mean: different types?  The format of compressed sections is
identical between gold and gld AFAIK.  Or are you referring to
gcc_cv_ld_compress_debug=2 in gcc/ for gold?  It seems
(though I haven't checked in detail) that gold and gld differed in
previous versions w.r.t. the syntax of the --compress-debug-sections
option.  When gld 2.26 gained full support also for the ELF gABI
compression format and I handled that in gcc, it seems I forgot to
re-check gold since it doesn't even work on Solaris.  Feel free to fix
that, but remember to also handle older versions.

> are able to change the linker via an option in gcc. Or is this an oversight from
> the solaris port where they seem to have different types for the compressed
> debug sections for the solaris linker and the gold linker?

Again, the formats of compressed sections are identical between Solaris
ld and GNU ld (as dictated by the ELF gABI).  You seem to be referring
to the command line options used to enable compression, which *do*
differ between ld and gld (although some versions of Solaris ld support
the gld syntax for compatiblity).  I chose to always prefer the native
option syntax for Solaris, though.

Changing the linker from the one used at gcc configure time mostly works
by luck only.  Although gld and gold strive for compatility, there are


Rainer Orth, Center for Biotechnology, Bielefeld University

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