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Re: [PATCH][gold] gold/PR16711 Linker script causes gold to include .bss in output file.

> If a linker script is used, all output sections of a segment are stored
> in the first item of output_lists_. On the other hand, when calculating
> the file size of segments, gold adds sections from all chunks of
> output_lists_ up to index ORDER_SMALL_BSS. As a result, if a linker
> script with SECTIONS clause is used, all the sections contribute to the
> file size of the segment, even though some of them might be BSS.
> This patch addresses the issue by analyzing section types, excluding
> BSS sections at the end of the sequence from contributing to the file
> offset, regardless of their index in output_lists_.

This particular problem turned out to be more complicated than I
expected. Your patch is generally the right approach, but I ended up
doing it a bit differently, and it had a domino effect as I tried to
clean up other problems exposed by this fix.

Thanks for the contribution!


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