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Re: [PATCH 0/7] ARC: Change max instruction length to 64 bits

Hi Claudiu,

>> - Test building and booting an ARC Linux kernel. I don't presently have
>> a setup for doing this, so I expect this to take me some time. Is there
>> a particular setup/configuration that you would be interested in being
>> tested?
> The idea is to test more than the current dejagnu binutils tests are doing, as u change so much in instruction handling. You can try running GCC's dejagnu tests and see if everything is ok.

Fortunately I was able to get set up with buildroot and a simulator, so
it was possible for me to test booting a Linux kernel. I've tried
building the toolchain on a 32- and 64-bit system, and using both for
building the kernel resulted in something that would boot up and
appeared to function normally.

A revised series of patches (that fixes the failed check on 32-bit
systems that was present in the first series of patches) is at:

Best regards,

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