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[PATCH v2 0/7] ARC: Change max instruction length to 64 bits

This is a revised version of:

which is now fixed on 32-bit systems. All patches in the series have
been tested for ARC big- and little-endian on both 32- and 64-bit
systems. Additionally, it has been used to build and boot Linux on a
simulator on both a 32-bit system and a 64-bit system. In conjunction

there are no failures; without the above-mentioned patch, it does not
introduce any new failures (presently there is one failure on the master
branch on 32-bit systems).

Andrew Burgess (2):
  arc/opcodes/nps400: Fix some instruction masks
  arc: Change max instruction length to 64-bits

Graham Markall (5):
  gas/arc: Replace short_insn flag with insn length field
  arc: Replace ARC_SHORT macro with arc_opcode_len function
  opcodes/arc: Make some macros 64-bit safe
  arc: Swap highbyte and lowbyte in print_insn_arc
  arc: Implement NPS-400 dcmac instruction

 gas/ChangeLog                    |  33 ++
 gas/config/tc-arc.c              | 218 +++-------
 gas/testsuite/gas/arc/nps400-9.d |  44 +++
 gas/testsuite/gas/arc/nps400-9.s |  51 +++
 include/ChangeLog                |  21 +
 include/opcode/arc.h             |  97 ++---
 opcodes/ChangeLog                |  56 +++
 opcodes/arc-dis.c                | 481 +++++++++--------------
 opcodes/arc-ext.c                |   2 +-
 opcodes/arc-ext.h                |   2 +-
 opcodes/arc-fxi.h                | 366 ++++++++---------
 opcodes/arc-nps400-tbl.h         |  99 ++++-
 opcodes/arc-opc.c                | 829 +++++++++++++++++----------------------
 13 files changed, 1107 insertions(+), 1192 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 gas/testsuite/gas/arc/nps400-9.d
 create mode 100644 gas/testsuite/gas/arc/nps400-9.s


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