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Binutils/gas/ld port for RISC-V

We'd like to submit for inclusion in Binutils a port for the RISC-V
architecture.  The port suffices to build a substantial body of software
(including Linux and some 2,000 Fedora packages); so, while it is doubtlessly
not complete, we think it is far enough along to start the upstreaming process.

This port targets Version 2.0 of the RV32I and RV64I base user ISAs, and the
five standard extensions M, A, F, D, and C, all of which are frozen and will
not change over time.  It also targets Version 1.9.1 of the RISC-V Privileged
Architectures, which we expect to change somewhat before being standardized
some time in 2017.

The RISC-V community and the 50-some member companies of the RISC-V Foundation
are quite eager to have a single, standard Binutils port.  We thank you in
advance for your help in this process and for your feedback on the software
contribution itself.

These patches build on top of 8f1a8fc4df2244f548d55fbecce20b7cd6f90e16, the
latest commit in binutils-gdb.

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