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Auto-generated dependencies for rx-parse.o and

I noticed a while ago that the rx-elf gas gprel test regressed for no
apparent reason.  It turns out that the problem was rx-parse.y using
BFD_RELOC_RX_* values, which may change when other targets add new
relocs.  If rx-parse.o doesn't depend on bfd.h, it won't be recompiled.

	* (EXTRA_as_new_SOURCES): Add config/rl78-parse.y and
	config/rx-parse.y.  Move config/bfin-parse.y.
	(bfin-parse.@OBJEXT@, rl78-parse.@OBJEXT@, rx-parse.@OBJEXT@): Delete.
	($(srcdir)/config/rl78-defs.h): New rule.
	* Regenerate.

diff --git a/gas/ b/gas/
index 7e302fb..6fa32ea 100644
--- a/gas/
+++ b/gas/
@@ -437,7 +437,7 @@ check-DEJAGNU: site.exp
 # The m68k operand parser.
-EXTRA_as_new_SOURCES += config/m68k-parse.y config/bfin-parse.y
+EXTRA_as_new_SOURCES += config/m68k-parse.y
 # If m68k-parse.y is in a different directory, then ylwrap will use an
 # absolute path when it invokes yacc, which will cause yacc to put the
@@ -479,13 +479,10 @@ endif
 m68k-parse.h: ; @true
 $(srcdir)/config/m68k-parse.h: ; @true
+EXTRA_as_new_SOURCES += config/bfin-parse.y
 bfin-parse.c: $(srcdir)/config/bfin-parse.y
 	$(SHELL) $(YLWRAP) $(srcdir)/config/bfin-parse.y bfin-parse.c bfin-parse.h -- $(YACCCOMPILE) -d ;
 bfin-parse.h: bfin-parse.c
-bfin-parse.@OBJEXT@: bfin-parse.c \
- $(srcdir)/config/bfin-aux.h $(srcdir)/config/bfin-defs.h \
- $(INCDIR)/elf/common.h $(INCDIR)/elf/bfin.h
 bfin-parse.h: ; @true
 $(srcdir)/config/bfin-parse.h: ; @true
@@ -503,20 +500,17 @@ endif
 	$(COMPILE) -c $(srcdir)/config/bfin-lex-wrapper.c $(NO_WERROR)
+EXTRA_as_new_SOURCES += config/rl78-parse.y
 rl78-parse.c: $(srcdir)/config/rl78-parse.y
 	$(SHELL) $(YLWRAP) $(srcdir)/config/rl78-parse.y rl78-parse.c rl78-parse.h -- $(YACCCOMPILE) -d ;
 rl78-parse.h: rl78-parse.c
-rl78-parse.@OBJEXT@: rl78-parse.c rl78-parse.h $(srcdir)/config/rl78-defs.h \
- $(INCDIR)/elf/common.h $(INCDIR)/elf/rl78.h
 rl78-defs.h: ; @true
+$(srcdir)/config/rl78-defs.h: ; @true
+EXTRA_as_new_SOURCES += config/rx-parse.y
 rx-parse.c: $(srcdir)/config/rx-parse.y
 	$(SHELL) $(YLWRAP) $(srcdir)/config/rx-parse.y rx-parse.c rx-parse.h -- $(YACCCOMPILE) -d ;
 rx-parse.h: rx-parse.c
-rx-parse.@OBJEXT@: rx-parse.c rx-parse.h $(srcdir)/config/rx-defs.h \
- $(INCDIR)/elf/common.h $(INCDIR)/elf/rx.h
 rx-defs.h: ; @true
 $(srcdir)/config/rx-defs.h: ; @true

Alan Modra
Australia Development Lab, IBM

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