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Re: [PATCH MIPS] Work around Bash 4.2 bug

On Fri, 30 Sep 2016, Hans-Peter Nilsson wrote:

> > The patch below works around the Bash 4.2 bug described at
> > <>.
> > 	* emulparams/ Shift quote of
> > 	"x$EMULATION_NAME" to the left to work around
> > 	<>.
> >
> >
> > -case x"$EMULATION_NAME" in
> > +case "x$EMULATION_NAME" in
> >  xelf32*n32*) ELFSIZE=32 ;;
> Random comment from the sideline: pretty please add a comment
> regarding the bug workaround *on top of the actual changed code*
> (remember: the "why" goes in the code, not in the changelog), so
> it has a better chance of not being inadvertently reverted but
> instead propagating elsewhere.

 CC-ing <> as this might affect them too.

 Hmm, the shell construct is so common that I think rather than auditing 
all the scripts throughout our tree I'd rather made a `configure' check 
for the buggy shell feature and reject any shell affected at the top level 
and across subdirectories.  This way we won't have to keep an eye too for 
future script changes which might reintroduce the construct elsewhere.

 Nick, WDYT?

 Also for the purpose of such a check what does x"$EMULATION_NAME" expand 
to in the buggy case given a specific value of $EMULATION_NAME?


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