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Re: git problems/question

if these two commands produce the same hash, then you're right.
However genuine merging is rarely the best way to go, even if they do:

git rev-parse binutils-2_23-branchpoint
git merge-base 2.23.2 2.27

If they don't, investigate why.

Did you try cherry picking? Or building on the genuine merge-base and rebasing?

Genuine merging is saying "my end result should be a combination of
these two end results", and saying that when one of your "end results"
is a vastly earlier version of the other with relatively minor
patches, is probably not a good idea.

On Fri, Sep 30, 2016 at 11:14 PM, Christian Groessler
<> wrote:
> Thanks for the hints so far.
> But still I'm wondering:
> Shouldn't the merge go smoothly if I merge from binutils-2_23-branchpoint?
> In my understanding binutils-2_23-branchpoint is a tag on master where 2.23
> branched off.
> Still I'm getting many conflicts:
> $ git checkout -b test-branch binutils-2_23-branchpoint
> $ git merge binutils-2_27
> Was 2.23 still on cvs and this is some fallout from the transition to git?
> regards,
> chris

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