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Re: Deprecating and removing old targets

On Wed, 28 Sep 2016, Tristan Gingold wrote:

> >> * all ecoff targets (alpha and mips)
> > 
> > The ECOFF format is used by some old MIPS firmware for bootable images.  
> Ok.  I suppose that the mips*-*-ecoff* triplet is concerned.
> What about mips*-dec-*, mips*el-*-ecoff and others ?

 I think there might been a slight misunderstanding on my side; sorry 
about that.

 I believe we can actually dump all the MIPS target triplets which only 
select ECOFF vectors (and then any orphaned ECOFF vectors, i.e. 
`mips_ecoff_bele_vec', based on a quick check), but we do want to keep the 
ECOFF vectors themselves that are used as secondaries with the remaining 
MIPS target triplets.

 Similarly we can dump IRIX target triplets, however we do want to keep 
their internals across all our programs as the IRIX ELF format variation 
is used by some bare metal targets.

 So FAOD I'm fine with deprecating all these triplets right now (and then 
removing them if no one speaks up with a need for any, presumably by the 
second next release).


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