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Re: [PATCH v4] ARM: Fix relocation of EXIDX sections

Hi Akihiko-san,

  Thank you very much for persisting with this patch.  This time there were
no problems or regressions. :-)

> bfd * elf-bfd.h: Add callback to count relocations in the final output.
>     * elf-arm.c (elf32_arm_add_relocation): Deleted.
>     (elf32_arm_write_section): Move additional relocation to emit_relocs.
>     (elf32_arm_count_output_relocs): New function.
>     (emit_relocs): New function.
>     (elf32_arm_emit_relocs): New function.
>     (elf32_arm_vxworks_emit_relocs): New function.
>     (elf_backend_emit_relocs): Updated to use the new functions.
>     (elf_backend_count_output_relocs): New define.
>     * bfd/elflink.c (bfd_elf_final_link): Do not add additional_reloc_count
>     to the relocation count.
>     (_bfd_elf_link_size_reloc_section): Use callback to count the
>     relocations which will be in output.
>     (_bfd_elf_default_count_output_relocs): New function.
>     * bfd/elfxx-target.h (elf_backend_count_output_relocs): New define.

Approved and applied.


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