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Re: [PATCH] [SPARC] opcodes, gas: fix mnemonic of camellia_fl

    >     Is there any chance that the misspelt mnemonic could be present in assembler
    >     source files out in the wild ?  Ie do we need to support the misspelt 
    >     mnemonic for backwards compatibility ?  Or maybe issue a error message 
    >     describing the correct spelling ?
    > There is always that possibility.  AFAIK the instruction has always been
    > documented in the SPARC specs as camellia_fl.  However, some people may
    > have read sparc-opc.c, find camellia_fi and use it.
    > We could:
    > a) Silently support both spellings, but this would mean code not
    >    portable to other systems using different assemblers, such as
    >    Solaris.
    > b) Support both spellings emitting a warning if the invalid mnemonic is
    >    used.  Same problem than above, but we give a chance to the
    >    programmer to fix the error.
    > c) As you suggested, emit an error if camellia_fi is used, describing
    >    the problem.
    > d) Just support camellia_fl and emit a generic error "invalid
    >    instruction" if camellia_fi is used.  This is what the submitted
    >    patch implements.
    > If we want to address this at all, I would probably implement a).  The
    > only people using camellia_fi will be people looking at GAS's sources,
    > so the portability issue probably is not that important in these
    > scenarios.
    Well I would prefer c), but lets keep things simple and go with d) - ie 
    your patch as is.  If someone complains about their assembler source no 
    longer assembling because of the change we can always point out that 
    they were using an invalid mnemonic name, and that they should have
    checked the official SPARC ISA documentation and not the GAS sources.
    So - patch approved - please apply.
Pushed to master.

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