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Re: [PATCH] [SPARC] opcodes, gas: fix mnemonic of camellia_fl

    > This patch fixes a typo in the mnemonic of the camellia_fl instruction,
    > which was implemented before as camellia_fi.
    Is there any chance that the misspelt mnemonic could be present in assembler
    source files out in the wild ?  Ie do we need to support the misspelt 
    mnemonic for backwards compatibility ?  Or maybe issue a error message 
    describing the correct spelling ?

There is always that possibility.  AFAIK the instruction has always been
documented in the SPARC specs as camellia_fl.  However, some people may
have read sparc-opc.c, find camellia_fi and use it.

We could:
a) Silently support both spellings, but this would mean code not
   portable to other systems using different assemblers, such as
b) Support both spellings emitting a warning if the invalid mnemonic is
   used.  Same problem than above, but we give a chance to the
   programmer to fix the error.
c) As you suggested, emit an error if camellia_fi is used, describing
   the problem.
d) Just support camellia_fl and emit a generic error "invalid
   instruction" if camellia_fi is used.  This is what the submitted
   patch implements.

If we want to address this at all, I would probably implement a).  The
only people using camellia_fi will be people looking at GAS's sources,
so the portability issue probably is not that important in these

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