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RE: ABI, I don't get it...

> From: Matthew Fortune []
> Subject: RE: ABI, I don't get it...
> Hi Andy,
> Have you now got enough information to understand what is going on? If
> not please say which aspects are still confusing and I will try and
> offer any insight I can.

Eh, sort of.  I had build flags set in my (yes, MY) build system that
I had forgotten about.  I don't have the toolchain building natively as
64 bit ABI, however, at this point it doesn't matter as I am controlling
it from my build system.  Felt pretty bad when I found that I was passing
-msoft-float and -mabit=n32 through my own build system.

> I have to say that the linker talking about emulations in error messages
> is completely meaningless to many toolchain developers let alone end
> users so those messages are borderline useless. That's not to say many
> of the other ABI related error messages are much more helpful but some
> hint that it is an 'ABI' issue is a good start as user's do know that
> there are multiple ABIs in general I think.

It turned out to be both the flags above mixing up with the
way I wanted from another package.  That was soooo last week.  I've
put out so many fires since then :).

I really appreciate that you asked about it, though.  I should have
answered back to close the loop on my own question but I've been swamped
at home and work.  Sorry about that.

Thanks again!

> Matthew

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