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Re: Binutils 2.27 linked statically to libintl

Hi Eli,

> Digging a little deeper, I see that intl/config.intl says in Binutils
> 2.27:
>   USE_NLS='yes'
>   LIBINTL='d:/usr/lib/libintl.a d:/usr/lib/libiconv.a'
> whereas in 2.26 it said this:
>   USE_NLS='yes'
>   LIBINTL='-lintl'
> The same 'configure' command was used in both cases.
> Can someone tell what am I doing wrong,

Sorry - no.  Well not me anyway.  As far as I can see nothing has changed
in the configuration of intl library between 2,26 and 2,27.  Is the output 
from the two runs of the configure script (in the intl/ directory) the same ?
Especially when it runs the "checking for GNU gettext in libintl" tests ?
(It looks like the result of this test decides how LIBINTL is set up).

> and how can I cause the build to use the dynamic link to shared libraries?

Have you tried adding --enable-shared to the configure command line ?

If you are not using the internationalization features you could also add 
--disable-nls to the configure command line.

> Is it a bug that I should report to the Binutils Bugzilla?

Well more of a mis-feature than a bug.  The programs still work, they are
just a little bit bigger than they used to be.  So personally I do not think 
that it is a bug, but if it really matters to you then please feel free to
file a bug report.


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