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[PATCH] PR gold/20462: Fix bogus layout on ARM with linker script using PHDRS clause

See for the test

I'm not at all sure this fix is correct.  It fixes both the minimal
test case I put in the bug, and my real case (which uses the same
linker script).  It causes no regressions in 'make check-gold' in
a trunk build with --target=arm-eabi.

Here's what I figured out:
* On the first pass, the layout comes out just fine.
* ARM always tries relaxation (unless -r).
* In Target_arm::do_relax it calls Target_arm::fix_exidx_coverage and
  decides that constituted some relaxation happening, so a second pass
  always happens when there are any .ARM.exidx sections.
* In the second pass, Script_sections::expected_segment_count sees
  this->segments_created_ and short-circuits, so it returns 0 instead
  of this->phdrs_elements_->size().
* Ergo, SIZEOF_HEADERS omits the phdrs in the second pass and
  addresses go backwards, making everything unhappy.

Script_sections::expected_segment_count is the only thing that tests
this->segments_created_.  It's not really clear to me if this ought
to be part of the state that Script_sections::release_segments (sole
caller Layout::clean_up_after_relaxation) resets, as my change here
does.  An alternate fix would be to reverse the order of the first two
checks in Script_sections::expected_segment_count so that it always
returns this->phdrs_elements_->size() when this->saw_phdrs_clause().
(I haven't tried that on my test cases.)

If this is indeed a good fix, may I commit it to trunk and 2.27?
If not, is my other suggestion right or is there a different fix?


2016-08-11  Roland McGrath  <>

        PR gold/20462
        * (Script_sections::release_segments):
        Reset this->segments_created_.

diff --git a/gold/ b/gold/
index 96c68de..bf25391 100644
--- a/gold/
+++ b/gold/
@@ -4459,6 +4459,7 @@ Script_sections::release_segments()
+  this->segments_created_ = false;

 // Print the SECTIONS clause to F for debugging.

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