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Re: Broadcom XLP support

On Thu, 4 Aug 2016, wrote:

> > Wait a second here.  In times past, when we distributed code
> > on HW, we were counseled that we had to have the source code
> > available to whomever wanted to reproduce the OSS code we had
> > on the box.  That would include, but not limit to, 3rd party code
> > that was stuck into OSS code.  In fact, there was a big stink about
> > this several years back in which a HW vendor got zapped due to NOT
> > releasing code directly to a customer that requested it (though it
> > was not their copyrighted code to begin with.
> > 
> > What you've said confuses me.
> Maciej is pointing out the difference between (a) having the right to 
> modify and distribute code, and (b) being the code copyright holder.

 Indeed, and the right to modify and distribute code granted by GNU GPL 
comes with the obligation to release, upon request, the exact 
corresponding sources to whoever you have distributed binaries made from 
those sources.  As little and as much.  You don't have to release anything 
unless you distribute.


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