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Re: [PATCH, binutils] Fix implib test failures

Hi Thomas,

>> +setup_xfail "am33lin-*-*" "d30v-*-*" "dlx-*-*" "i960-*-*" "m68hc1x-*-*"
>> +setup_xfail "m88k-*-*" "pj-*-*" "score7-*-*" "sh64-*-*" "vxworks-*-*"
>>   There are other score targets apart from score7.  score-elf and score3-elf
>> for example.  How about score*-*-* instead ?
> I did not know how to get the affected triplet. All I got was a list of 
> bfd/elf*-*.c that do not define elf_backend_relocate_section. I use the the 
> value for the second * as the machine bit of the triplet.

Right, and you skipped the elfxx-*.c targets that matched this test as well,
right.  I think that the test should be any elf*.c file that does not define
elf_backend_relocate section or reference bfd_elf_final_link and which *does*
include elfNN-target.h - ie one which creates an elf_backend_data structure.

So I think that you can skip vxworks entirely here, since elf-vxworks.c is
just a support file for vxworks targets, and not a cpu type by itself.  
(Similarly for am33lin which just #include's elf-m10300.c which then does
define elf_backend_relocate_section.

> Are there other 
> triplet in this list you see as not being inclusive enough?


> How can I find the 
> list of triplet corresponding to a given bfd file?

Look in bfd/  Starting at around line 382 there is a list
of targets and the target specific files that they need.  A little bit
of searching can tell you which files are used by which targets.


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