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Re: [PATCH] [ARC] Improve filtering instructions while disassembling.

* Claudiu Zissulescu <> [2016-07-15 12:28:22 +0000]:

> > Could you reference the other backends please, then we can know that
> > we're examining the same targets.
> From ARM (which you invoked):
> This option can also be used for ARM architectures to force the disassembler
> to interpret all instructions as Thumb instructions by using the switch
> '--disassembler-options=force-thumb'. This can be useful when attempting
> to disassemble thumb code produced by other compilers.


Thanks for the reply.  Maybe I was not clear.  I was asking for an
example of a backend which operates in a manor similar to your
proposed patch for ARC.

The ARM example you give does not appear, at a first glance to be

Your patch picks one sub-set of instructions based on the first
instruction it finds, ARM selects the sub-set based on symbol type
information.  The command line flag allows override for cases were (I
guess) users are doing non-standard things with symbols.

Maybe you could explain in a little more detail why you think the ARM
code is similar, or maybe there's another backend which is more
similar to ARC in its algorithm?


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