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Re: New binutils testsuite failures related to remove-relocations

* Nick Clifton <> [2016-07-15 11:38:30 +0100]:

> Hi Andrew,
> > Do you guys (or anyone) have a script(s) that they use for easily
> > testing binutils over many/all targets?
> I use a combination of makefiles and awk scripts.  The attached tarball
> contains the current versions.  To use them put 'makefile' at the top
> level of your testing hierarchy and the other scripts in some convenient
> directory.  (I use ~/bin/scripts).  Edit the makefile to point at the
> sources, the build directory and the script directory and then run:
>   make dirs
>   make config
>   make build
>   make check
> That should do it.  You may need to fix a few of the configurations after
> the "make config" step.  Oh and you will want a big machine with lots of
> disk space.  (The gcc version of these scripts takes all day to run :-)
> Once the builds and checks have been run for the first time you should
> just be able to run "make" to perform regression builds and checks.  I
> do this daily...

Wow! Thanks.  I'll certainly take a look at getting this setup.

Thanks again,

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