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Re: New binutils testsuite failures related to remove-relocations

Hi Andrew,

> Do you guys (or anyone) have a script(s) that they use for easily
> testing binutils over many/all targets?

I use a combination of makefiles and awk scripts.  The attached tarball
contains the current versions.  To use them put 'makefile' at the top
level of your testing hierarchy and the other scripts in some convenient
directory.  (I use ~/bin/scripts).  Edit the makefile to point at the
sources, the build directory and the script directory and then run:

  make dirs
  make config
  make build
  make check

That should do it.  You may need to fix a few of the configurations after
the "make config" step.  Oh and you will want a big machine with lots of
disk space.  (The gcc version of these scripts takes all day to run :-)

Once the builds and checks have been run for the first time you should
just be able to run "make" to perform regression builds and checks.  I
do this daily...


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