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Re: [RFC PATCH, binutils, ELF 9/11] Add support for creating import libraries

On Thursday 14 July 2016 14:41:10 Nick Clifton wrote:
> Hi Thomas,
> > +* Add support for creating an ELF import library when generating an
> > executable. +  The import library can then be used by applications to
> > link against the +  generated executable.  The existing --out-implib
> > option is now available to +  ELF targets for that purpose.
> Not to be a pedant, but to me that paragraph implies that "--out-implib" is
> the option to be used when an application wants to link against an import
> library, rather than the option to be used when creating an import library.
> How about this slight rewording ?
>  * Extended the --out-implib=<file> option, previously restricted to x86 PE
>    targets, to any ELF based target.  This allows the generation of an
> import library for an ELF executable, which can then be used by another
> application to link against the executable.

Looks good, thanks.

Best regards,


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