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Re: non-representable symbols in PE executables

>>> On 01.07.16 at 13:08, <> wrote:
>> The most simple adjustment I could think of would be to associate
>> symbols with the following section only if they're right at the start
>> of that section. But of course I have no idea what other users of
>> ld would break with a change to heuristics like this one.
> Well, nobody has screamed, so please consider this patch approved.

Thanks, but before committing I thought it'd be a good idea to run
the testsuite for some COFF and PE targets over this, and there are
a number of failures, resulting from the added warning actually
triggering on symbols with apparently negative (wrapped to huge
positive) values. Removing the warning for the testsuite's sake
doesn't feel right, and trying to ignore the warnings in the testsuite
would also feel kind of hackish (albeit default_ld_simple_link already
does so for another warning). Should I add a command line override
to silence that warning, and make use of it for the affected tests?
Do you have any other recommendation?

Thanks, Jan

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