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Re: [PATCH] x86: remove stray instruction attributes

On Thu, Jun 30, 2016 at 5:44 AM, Jan Beulich <> wrote:
>>>> On 30.06.16 at 14:29, <> wrote:
>> On Thu, Jun 30, 2016 at 4:41 AM, Jan Beulich <> wrote:
>>>>>> On 30.06.16 at 13:31, <> wrote:
>>>> On Thu, Jun 30, 2016 at 3:59 AM, Jan Beulich <> wrote:
>>>>>>>> On 30.06.16 at 12:23, <> wrote:
>>>>>> - with Cpu64 Disp16 makes no sense for memory operands
>>>>>> - with CpuNo64 Disp32S makes no sense
>>>>>> - non-64-bit lgdt doesn't allow 10-byte operands
>>>>> Another thing I've been thinking of, which I believe would greatly
>>>>> improve readability of opcodes/i386-opc.tbl, is to remove the
>>>>> various No_*Suf specifications when an instruction doesn't allow
>>>>> any suffix: Since no instruction will possibly allow for every one of
>>>>> them, i386-gen could easily be made set all 6 bits when none of
>>>>> them got set by parsing of the input. Thoughts?
>>>> I don't mind replacing all those No_*Suf with something close
>>>> to what spec says.
>>> I don't understand: I was proposing to remove them where they're
>>> pointless (and can be inferred); I don't see how what the spec says
>>> comes into the picture here (namely I didn't mean to effect any
>>> behavioral change).
>> No_*Suf  is something we made up.  It isn't clear which instructions
>> should have it from spec.  Can we replace it with something from spec?
> Do you know of a formal specification of AT&T syntax? Intel syntax

I was referring to ISA spec.  Some of suffixes are for operand size.
Some aren't.

> really uses only very few suffixes.

What happens when you use suffix with Intel syntax?

> But again - my point was merely cleanup, yet you continue to ask for
> more. Am I to take that to mean that the cleanup alone isn't worth it?

No_*Suf is fragile.  Let's leave it alone unless there is an issue or
significant improvement.


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