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Re: [PATCH] PR gold/20310: Pass down LDFLAGS from top level for "make check"

> Pass down "-static-libstdc++ -static-libgcc" in LDFLAGS from the top
> level Makefile.  Otherwise, LDFLAGS will be empty for "make check",
> which may lead to
> on Fedora 24.  OK for trunk?
> H.J.
> ---
>         PR gold/20310
>         * (AM_MAKEFLAGS): New.
>         * Regenerated.

More info needed.

(a) Please don't make the comments more specific than what you're
actually doing -- the change is much broader than just passing
"--static-libstdc++ --static-libgcc" in LDFLAGS, and much broader than
just fixing two random failures. Just say "Pass LDFLAGS through to
nested makes." (If you must, the comment can refer to the PR for more

(b) Why is this needed anyway? Where does the LDFLAGS setting come
from in Fedora? That's supposed to be a user variable, not something
that the system uses for essential options. Are you claiming that
Fedora 24 can't build anything without these options in LDFLAGS? If
so, that's insane. At the very least, they should be passing the
options by default through gcc (which started happening with Ubuntu
quite a while ago, I think -- we even have a kludge in
testsuite/ to remove those options for the tests that are
known not to work with them).

(c) Generally, if an individual test requires a certain option on or
off, we make sure it's set or cleared when building/running the test.
Why do these two tests require these options? And what is different
about Fedora 24 to make this so?

(d) The testsuite should be testing combinations of options other than
those used to build gold, so I'm not sure passing LDFLAGS on down to
the testsuite is the right thing to do. I think we're actually already
inheriting too many options from the configure settings.


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