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RE: Commit: Improve GAS testsuite results for various targets

On Wed, 22 Jun 2016, Matthew Fortune wrote:

> > Any and all, but I have actually been hoping that a MIPS expert, such as yourself,
> > would fix them for me. :-)

 Sure, although I'll appreciate help with sorting out any generic issues 
discovered in the course as with my tendency to trigger cascades of 
obscure bugs in an exponential manner I'm guaranteed to run out of 
resources pretty quickly.

> > It also seems to me that we have an awful lot of different mips targets and I
> > wonder if all of them are still in use.  It would be nice if we could start to
> > deprecate some of them...
> Perhaps get rid of the non-traditional MIPS targets. i.e. irix and switch mips-elf
> over to traditional. I know it is not much but a bit of cleanup makes MIPS easier
> to get to grips with.

 Hmm, I don't think the lone bitrot of the test suite is a sufficient 
justification for IRIX target support removal, although it's certainly an 
argument in favour to.  I'd like to make the test suite clean-ups I have 
in mind first before I decide to, they'll make the framework much cleaner 
for the targets which by all means we do want to retain.  Perhaps there is 
something simple and systematic we missed for IRIX there.  One issue I've 
become aware of is we allowed the ABI flags section/segment to be produced 
for IRIX targets, which is something we surely shouldn't have.

 As to other non-traditional MIPS targets there are just a handful of 
issues and object modules are not (fully) link-compatible between the two 
flavours I believe, so I'd rather kept them as they are.  Forcing people 
to chase old versions of tools just because they need to relink their old 
software because of an odd bug found and fixed somewhere is the last thing 
I'd like to do.  In such cases it usually just adds to frustration from 
having to touch it at all in the first place.



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