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Re: [PATCH 0/4] [ARC] Convert nps400 from a machine type to an extension

Hi Claudiu,

Many thanks for having a look over these patches.

> Probably u can patch the bfd to accept the nps400 object to link with arc700.
> Yes this is true, but you guys can u make up ur mind and decide the proper implementation how the EZChip cpu will be supported? Changing machine types and e-flags each two months may not be the way forward.

We'd prefer that this is the proper implementation of support for the
EZChip CPU rather than as a separate machine type, and to keep it this
way (i.e. not switching it back to being a machine type in a couple of
months' time).

Whilst it might also be possible to patch the bfd to accept an nps400
object when linking with arc700 objects, this seems like a more complex
way of achieving the same goal, especially since the nps400 is just an
arc700 which supports some extension instructions. Rather than going
with that option in order to keep nps400 as a machine type, I feel that
it would be better to fix the choice we originally made whilst we can.

Many thanks,

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