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Re: [PATCH v4] gold: Fix non-deterministic behaviour of Mips gold.

>     * (Mips_got_entry::Mips_got_entry): Remove object argument
>     for global got symbols, and set addend to 0.
>     (Mips_got_entry::hash): Change hash algorithm.
>     (Mips_got_entry::equals): Refactor.
>     (Mips_got_entry::object): Return input object for local got symbols
>     from union d.
>     (Mips_got_entry::addend): Change return of the relocation addend.
>     (Mips_got_entry::addend_): Move from union d.
>     (Mips_got_entry::object_): Move into union d.
>     (class Mips_symbol_hash): New class.
>     (Mips_got_info::Global_got_entry_set): New type.
>     (Mips_got_info::global_got_symbols): Change return type to
>     Global_got_entry_set.
>     (Mips_got_info::global_got_symbols_): Change type to
>     Global_got_entry_set.
>     (Mips_symbol::hash): New method.
>     (Mips_output_data_la25_stub::symbols_): Change type to std::vector.
>     (Mips_output_data_mips_stubs::Mips_stubs_entry_set): New type.
>     (Mips_output_data_mips_stubs::symbols_): Change type to
>     Mips_stubs_entry_set.
>     (Mips_got_info::record_global_got_symbol): Don't pass object
>     argument when creating global got symbol.
>     (Mips_got_info::record_got_entry): Remove find before inserting
>     got entries.
>     (Mips_got_info::add_reloc_only_entries): Change type of iterator
>     to Global_got_entry_set.
>     (Mips_got_info::count_got_symbols): Likewise.
>     (Mips_output_data_la25_stub::create_la25_stub): Use push_back
>     for adding entries to symbols_.
>     (Mips_output_data_la25_stub::do_write): Change type of iterator
>     to std::vector.
>     (Mips_output_data_mips_stubs::set_lazy_stub_offsets): Change type
>     of iterator to Mips_stubs_entry_set.
>     (Mips_output_data_mips_stubs::set_needs_dynsym_value): Likewise.
>     (Mips_output_data_mips_stubs::do_write): Likewise.

Committed with the suggested change. Revised patch attached.

Thanks, and sorry for the delay!


Attachment: fix-non-deterministic-behaviour-4.patch
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