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[PATCH] ld/testsuite/ld-elf/flags1.d: Update the xfail list (was: RE: RFC: section merge test (ld-elf))

On Thu, 5 May 2016, Sivanupandi, Pitchumani wrote:

> Thanks. I have included the patch.
> This removes avr from xfail list in flags1.d and merge.d tests.
> Test flags1.d is updated to dump section headers and validates the section
> flags as set by objcopy.

 This is the list of new XPASSes seen in my testing:

dlx-elf  +XPASS: --set-section-flags test 1 (sections)
h8300-elf  +XPASS: --set-section-flags test 1 (sections)
hppa64-hp-hpux11.23  +XPASS: --set-section-flags test 1 (sections)
hppa64-linux  +XPASS: --set-section-flags test 1 (sections)
i960-elf  +XPASS: --set-section-flags test 1 (sections)
ip2k-elf  +XPASS: --set-section-flags test 1 (sections)
m32r-elf  +XPASS: --set-section-flags test 1 (sections)
moxie-elf  +XPASS: --set-section-flags test 1 (sections)
ms1-elf  +XPASS: --set-section-flags test 1 (sections)
visium-elf  +XPASS: --set-section-flags test 1 (sections)

(`ms1-elf' is `mt-elf' canonically) addressed with the change below.

 OK to apply?

	* testsuite/ld-elf/flags1.d: Update the xfail list.


Index: binutils/ld/testsuite/ld-elf/flags1.d
--- binutils.orig/ld/testsuite/ld-elf/flags1.d	2016-05-15 06:33:59.322484317 +0100
+++ binutils/ld/testsuite/ld-elf/flags1.d	2016-05-15 08:39:28.606593542 +0100
@@ -2,14 +2,6 @@
 #ld: -Tflags1.ld
 #objcopy_linked_file: --set-section-flags .post_text_reserve=contents,alloc,load,readonly,code
 #readelf: -S --wide
-#xfail: "dlx-*-*" "h8300-*-*" "i960-*-*" "ip2k-*-*" "m32r-*-*"
-#xfail: "moxie-*-*" "mt-*-*" "visium-*-*"
-#xfail: "*-*-hpux*" "hppa*64*-*-*"
-# Fails on the DLX, H8300, I960, IP2K, M32R, MOXIE, MT, VISIUM
-#  because the two sections are not merged into one segment.
-#  (There is no good reason why they have to be).
-# Fails on HPUX systems because the .type pseudo-op behaves differently.
-# Fails on hppa64 because a PHDR is always added.
 Section Headers:

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