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Re: Symbols defined via linker script: local or global?

On 12/05/16 14:15, Alan Modra wrote:
On Thu, May 12, 2016 at 01:04:52PM +0200, Sebastian Huber wrote:

I define a symbol in a custom linker script, e.g.

foo = 0x123;

In case I reference this symbol in my executable (e.g. printf("%p\n", foo)),
then the symbol is global in the ELF file. In case it is not referenced by
the executable, then it is local.
What target, and what options were you passing to ld?

Target is ARM EABI, command line generated via GCC:

arm-rtems4.11-ld -dc -dp -N -o b-atsamv/app.exe /opt/rtems-4.12/arm-rtems4.12/atsamv/lib/start.o /opt/rtems-4.12/lib64/gcc/arm-rtems4.12/6.1.1/thumb/cortex-m7/fpv5-d16/hard/crti.o /opt/rtems-4.12/lib64/gcc/arm-rtems4.12/6.1.1/thumb/cortex-m7/fpv5-d16/hard/crtbegin.o -e _start -L/opt/rtems-4.12/lib64/gcc/arm-rtems4.12/6.1.1/thumb/cortex-m7/fpv5-d16/hard -L/opt/rtems-4.12/lib64/gcc/arm-rtems4.12/6.1.1/../../../../arm-rtems4.12/lib/thumb/cortex-m7/fpv5-d16/hard -L/opt/rtems-4.12/arm-rtems4.12/atsamv/lib -L/opt/rtems-4.12/lib64/gcc/arm-rtems4.12/6.1.1 -L/opt/rtems-4.12/lib64/gcc/arm-rtems4.12/6.1.1/../../../../arm-rtems4.12/lib --gc-sections -Map b-atsamv/ b-atsamv/init.o b-atsamv/dev/cfi/cfi_core.o b-atsamv/atsam_flash.o b-atsamv/test-file-system.o -ljffs2 --start-group -lgcc --start-group -lrtemsbsp -lrtemscpu -latomic -lc -lgcc --end-group --end-group /opt/rtems-4.12/lib64/gcc/arm-rtems4.12/6.1.1/thumb/cortex-m7/fpv5-d16/hard/crtend.o /opt/rtems-4.12/lib64/gcc/arm-rtems4.12/6.1.1/thumb/cortex-m7/fpv5-d16/hard/crtn.o -T linkcmds.sdram

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