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[SH] Adjust stack area for simulator


When using the default configuration, sh-sim runs effectively with
something like 3 MBytes of RAM.  This is because the stack base address
is set to 0x300000 in the default linker script.

When using sh-sim for running the GCC testsuite, the limited RAM
results in a bunch of "heap stack collision" type of errors.  The
attached patch raises the stack base address and VM memory size to
around 1 GByte.  Although that seems a lot, on modern systems it should
be fine, as not all reserved memory will be committed, if it's not
touched.  With this, running the GCC with e.g. -j12 shows no problems
and in turn quite some failures disappear.


	* emulparams/ Set stack area to 0x3FFFFF00.

	* sh/interp.c (sim_memory_size): Default init to 30.
	(parse_and_set_memory_size): Adjust upper bound to 31.
diff --git a/ld/emulparams/ b/ld/emulparams/
index 5757b81..83680a6 100644
--- a/ld/emulparams/
+++ b/ld/emulparams/
@@ -18,13 +18,13 @@ CTOR_START='___ctors = .;'
 CTOR_END='___ctors_end = .;'
 DTOR_START='___dtors = .;'
 DTOR_END='___dtors_end = .;'
-# This is like setting STACK_ADDR to 0x300000, except that the setting can
+# This is like setting STACK_ADDR to 0x3FFFFF00, except that the setting can
 # be overridden, e.g. --defsym _stack=0x0f00, and that we put an extra
 # sentinal value at the bottom.
 # N.B. We can't use PROVIDE to set the default value in a symbol because
 # the address is needed to place the .stack section, which in turn is needed
 # to hold the sentinel value(s).
-test -z "$CREATE_SHLIB" && OTHER_SECTIONS="  .stack        ${RELOCATING-0}${RELOCATING+(DEFINED(_stack) ? _stack : 0x300000)} :
+test -z "$CREATE_SHLIB" && OTHER_SECTIONS="  .stack        ${RELOCATING-0}${RELOCATING+(DEFINED(_stack) ? _stack : 0x3FFFFF00)} :
     ${RELOCATING+_stack = .;}
diff --git a/sim/sh/interp.c b/sim/sh/interp.c
index 2f02e69..072f71d 100644
--- a/sim/sh/interp.c
+++ b/sim/sh/interp.c
@@ -741,7 +741,7 @@ do { \
 #if defined(__GO32__)
 int sim_memory_size = 19;
-int sim_memory_size = 24;
+int sim_memory_size = 30;
 static int sim_profile_size = 17;
@@ -2495,10 +2495,10 @@ parse_and_set_memory_size (const char *str)
   int n;
   n = strtol (str, NULL, 10);
-  if (n > 0 && n <= 24)
+  if (n > 0 && n <= 31)
     sim_memory_size = n;
-    callback->printf_filtered (callback, "Bad memory size %d; must be 1 to 24, inclusive\n", n);
+    callback->printf_filtered (callback, "Bad memory size %d; must be 1 to 31, inclusive\n", n);

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