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Re: [PATCH] add section alignment/size hooks to gold plugin interface

> include/
> 2016-02-25  Than McIntosh <>
>         * plugin-api.h: Add new hooks to the plugin transfer vector to
>           to support querying section alignment and section size.
>         (ld_plugin_get_input_section_alignment): New hook.
>         (ld_plugin_get_input_section_size): New hook.
>         (ld_plugin_tag): Add LDPT_GET_INPUT_SECTION_ALIGNMENT
>         (ld_plugin_tv): Add tv_get_input_section_alignment and
>          tv_get_input_section_size.
> gold/
> 2016-02-18  Than McIntosh  <>
>         * (Plugin::load): Include hooks for get_input_section_size
>         and get_input_section_alignment in transfer vector.
>         (get_input_section_alignment): New function.
>         (get_input_section_size): New function.
> gold/testsuite/
> 2016-02-18  Than McIntosh  <>
>         * Add test.
>         * [Regenerate.]
>         * New test file.
>         * New test file.
>         * New test file.

gold/testsuite doesn't have a separate ChangeLog, so these last
entries should be merged into the block for gold/. List the filenames
as "testsuite/", etc.

In testsuite/, you've used C-style /*...*/
comments -- please change those to // comments. (They're OK in
plugin-api.h, which is a C header file.)

+/* plugin_section_alignment.c -- plugins to test ordering with {size,alignment}


There were also a few lines that were too long, and were wrapped by
the mailer. In source code, please make sure lines are no longer than
80 bytes. If there are still long lines (they're OK in the Makefile,
and they're inevitable in diff -p output), it's best to either use a
mailer that doesn't wrap (hard to find these days) or put the patch in
an attachment (but it's always nice to copy the ChangeLog entries into
the plain text message). plugin_section_alignment.o
+ $(CXXLINK) -Bgcctestdir/ -shared plugin_section_alignment.o
+ $(CXXCOMPILE) -O0 -c -fpic -o $@ $<
 endif PLUGINS

One blank line is sufficient.

This is OK with those fixes.



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