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[BFD][AARCH64]Fix MOVW_SABS_G(0,1,2) relocation overflow check.

Hi all,

This patch fixes the overflow check for

According to the aarch64 elf specification, for those relocations with overflow check, the following rule applies:

X > 0: Set the instruction to MOVZ and its immediate value to the selected bits S; for relocation R_..._Gn, check that X< {G0: 2^16 , G1 : 2^32 , G2 : 2^48 } (no check for R_..._G3).

X < 0: Set the instruction to MOVN and its immediate value to NOT (selected bits of); for relocation R_..._Gn , check that -{ G0 : 2^16 , G1 : 2^32 , G2 : 2^48 } ? X (no check for R_..._G3).

This rule indicates:
1, signed overflow check should be used.
2, For the allowed range, 17 bit signed value should be used, instead of 16 bit.

Here the bitsize field is changed from 16 to 17, this field in aarch64 backend is used for overflow check only.

the BFD already have the functions to re-encode the instruction into movz/movn according to the sign of the value.
Only the overflow check needs to be fixed!

binutils regression test checked Okay, Okay for trunk?

Renlin Li


2016-02-25  Renlin Li  <>

    * elfnn-aarch64.c (elfNN_aarch64_howto_table): Fix signed overflow
    check for MOVW_SABS_G0, MOVW_SABS_G1, MOVW_SABS_G2.


2016-02-25  Renlin Li  <>

    * testsuite/ld-aarch64/aarch64-elf.exp: Run new testcases.
    * testsuite/ld-aarch64/emit-relocs-270.d: Update to use new boundary.
    * testsuite/ld-aarch64/emit-relocs-271.d: Likewise.
    * testsuite/ld-aarch64/emit-relocs-272.d: Likewise.
    * testsuite/ld-aarch64/emit-relocs-270-overflow.d: New.
    * testsuite/ld-aarch64/emit-relocs-270-overflow.s: New.
    * testsuite/ld-aarch64/emit-relocs-271-overflow.d: New.
    * testsuite/ld-aarch64/emit-relocs-271-overflow.s: New.
    * testsuite/ld-aarch64/emit-relocs-272-overflow.d: New.
    * testsuite/ld-aarch64/emit-relocs-272-overflow.s: New.
diff --git a/gcc/lra-constraints.c b/gcc/lra-constraints.c
index 08cf0aa6c4208bb60ba5071bad1255d587f1cb4a..ef5809ff226cca69bb711bfc5dab55e24caba01a 100644
--- a/gcc/lra-constraints.c
+++ b/gcc/lra-constraints.c
@@ -3882,6 +3882,8 @@ curr_insn_transform (bool check_only_p)
 	  *loc = new_reg;
 	  if (type != OP_IN
+	      /* Don't generate reload for output scratch operand.  */
+	      && GET_CODE (old) != SCRATCH
 	      && find_reg_note (curr_insn, REG_UNUSED, old) == NULL_RTX)
 	      start_sequence ();

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