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Re: [PATCH] PR ld/19636: [x86] Resolve undefweak and defined symbols in executable


On Wed, 24 Feb 2016, H.J. Lu wrote:

> >> For i386 and x86-64, undefined weak and defined symbols are resolved 
> >> without dynamic relocation when creating executable.  Undefined weak 
> >> symbols aren't needed in the dynamic symbol table in executable.  
> >> One exception is on i386, we need undefined weak symbols in the 
> >> dynamic symbol table in PIE if input relocatable files contain 
> >> branchs without PLT so that we can branch to 0 with dynamic 
> >> relocation in text section.
> >
> > Um, wait.  Have you now changed it so that this program won't work anymore
> > (no matter if PIC or non-PIC)?:
> It never worked correctly:

That's using non-PIC code to show the problem with it, sure, we already 
knew that it doesn't work correctly with non-PIC.  The fix to that is 
_not_ to also break PIC code, you'd actively break programs that work 
right now.

Actually, I've checked with your patch, what is it supposed to do exactly?  
It certainly doesn't fix pr19719 completely: when you link edit with the 
symbol available, but then use the library not provinding the symbol at 
runtime (i.e. when you use in the first ln -sf call), it still 

The patch _does_ break the currently working PIC example, though.  I don't 
think that's an improvement over the status quo.

> > Because, while consistence is good, it's more important that the above 
> > program keeps working (and if only under PIC).
> I will add
> -z dynamic-undefined-weak   Treat undefined weak symbol as dynamic
> to enable the old behavior.

Well, as you say, that has interesting consequences we'd want to ponder.  
Why rushing in stuff that breaks programs?


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