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Re: [patch bfd] Mark sh5*-*-* and sh64*-*-* as obsolete (Was: Re: New failures with .debug_ranges test)

On Sat, 2015-12-05 09:06:27 +0900, Kaz Kojima <> wrote:
> Nick Clifton <> wrote:
> >> I guess that now we have no reason to keep sh5/sh64 targets.
> > 
> > You are the SH maintainer, so if you are happy to mark these targets
> > as obsolete please update bfd/config.bfd.
> OK, I'd like to apply the following patch in 48 hours if there is
> no objection.  It's tested with and without --enable-obsolete.

The GCC port still builds sh64-linux without --enable-obsolete. I
think you'd obsolete it in gcc/config.gcc as well, and update
contrib/ by adding OPT-enable-obsolete where
appropriate. That way, my build robot can catch up to supply that flag
and build that target (until it finally gets removed.)


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