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RE: PING: RE: [PATCH ARC] PIC and TLS support

Hi Nick,

Thanks for the quick reply. ;-)
Much appreciated for the fixes.


> -----Original Message-----
> From: Nick Clifton []
> Sent: Tuesday, January 19, 2016 4:30 PM
> To: Cupertino Miranda;
> Cc: Claudiu Zissulescu; Francois Bedard; Andrew Burgess
> (
> Subject: Re: PING: RE: [PATCH ARC] PIC and TLS support
> Hi Cupertino,
> Feedback on this patch would be greatly appreciated.
> Sorry about the delay in reviewing the patch.
> The patch itself is OK, and I have checked it in - although I think that I messed
> up the names in the changelog entries.  If so please let me know and I will fix
> them.
> There were two problems exposed by the patch:
>    * arc_elf_copy_private_bfd_data was not calling
> _bfd_elf_copy_private_bfd_data to perform the generic parts of the ELF
> header copying operation.  (This resulted in an unexpected failure in the
> binutils testsuite).
>    * You had not updated readelf to recognise the new flag bits in the ELF
> e_flags header field.
> I fixed both of these problems as part of the commit.
> Cheers
>    Nick

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