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Re: [AArch64] Don't generate GOT entry for large model TLS LE relocation

On 23 December 2015 at 16:55, Jiong Wang <> wrote:

> This patch revert the following commit

> commit b7a944fea3a0194d81f6de4d958f3a1d2c6ad03a
> Author: Renlin Li <>
> Date:   Fri Oct 2 17:02:53 2015 +0100

I have not looked at this in detail, I'm out of the office at the
moment, but I did notice that this is more than a revert!

Please split this into two patches.

1) The revert request.
2) The new functionality you want to add.

I think the revert is safe because it is a relaxation, leaving the
original sequence in place should be fine, also it only affects large
model and the default model is small. I think the patch being reverted
here may have had test cases submitted later as a separate patch?

The revert part of this is IMO going to be suitable for 2.26, however
I don;t think we should be taking the new functionality part on 2.26,
at least not until it has baked on the trunk for a while.


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