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Re: [PATCH] nm: basic symbol type support for SysV-style symbol table dumping

Hi Nick,

>>> On 11.12.15 at 21:51, <> wrote:
>>>>> binutils/
>>>>> 2015-12-07  Jan Beulich  <>
>>>>> 	* nm.c: Include coff/external.h, coff/internal.h, and
>>>>> 	libcoff.h.
>>>>> 	(struct extended_symbol_info): New field "coffinfo".
>>>>> 	(get_symbol_type): Rename to get_elf_symbol_type.
>>>>> 	(get_coff_symbol_type): New.
>>>>> 	(print_symbol): Also init info.coffinfo.
>>>>> 	(print_symbol_info_sysv): Print type and section name also for
>>>>> 	COFF symbols.
>>> Please could you add a binutils test for this new feature ?  Approved
>>> with that change.
>> Well, the same applies here as mentioned in "bfd: don't produce
>> corrupt COFF symbol table due to long ELF file name symbols": I
>> would have liked to, but since the case of interest to me (and
>> hence the case that should primarily not break) is not on COFF
>> targets or against COFF objects, but for EFI binaries (linked from
>> ELF objects), I have no real clue how I would properly gate such
>> a test, nor would I then routinely run it and possible notice issues.
> OK, in which case please apply the patch and I will see if I can come up 
> with a way to produce a test.

Changed pushed, and thanks for helping out with the test case.


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