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Re: [PATCH] ARM: Add support for thumb1 PCROP relocations.

Hi Mickael,

    I understand your point. On the other side, ARM has released
compilers with these relocations implemented, so modifications are

OK, well that is good to know.

    Anyway, is it possible to have feedback about the patch by itself ?
This will allow for quick upstream when the document is officially

Certainly. The patch itself looks fine to me apart from a few, minor, formatting issues:

+	    /* compute address.  */

Comments should be treated as sentences, so they should start with a capital letter.

+	      /* The following conditions must be true :
+	       *      - ADD
+	       *      - Rd == Rs
+	       *      - Rd <= 7
+	      */

Multi-line comments should not have asterisk prefixes.

+	    } else {

Curly braces should be on their own on a line.

+		as_bad_where (fixP->fx_file, fixP->fx_line,
+		  "Unable to process relocation for thumb opcode: %lx",
+		  (unsigned long) insn);

Strings for error messages should be enclosed in _(.....) so that they can be translated.


What happened to relocs number 130 and 131 ?  [Just curious...]


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