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Re: $(build_tooldir)/lib (was Re:

	When you build an ia64 toolchain, where does your crt0.o live?  How does
	the compiler find it?

The libraries are copied to $prefix/$target/lib (aka $tooldir/lib) at
configure time.  That is one of the paths that gcc searches by default.
That happens in gcc.c when it adds tooldir_prefix/lib to startfile_prefixes.

Looking at H.J. messages, he says this doesn't work because tooldir is
really $prefix/lib/gcc-lib/$target/$version/../../../../$target/lib
and $prefix/lib/gcc-lib/$target/$version doesn't exist at build time.
But it does.  We deliberately create it so that $tooldir/lib and
$tooldir/sys-include will work.  See the code in the stmp-fixinc rule in the
Makefile.  Nothing needs $libsubdir before then.  If something does need it,
then we should create it earlier.

I believe one of H.J.'s other comments was that he defines prefix to point
somewhere in /usr, and since he isn't root when he is building the toolchain,
the creation of $libsubdir fails.  I think that is a little weak.  But if
this is a concern, then the new scheme doesn't help fix it, because it is
still installing stuff in $prefix at configure/build time.


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