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Re: hppa patchset 3 of 4

Hi Alan,

: gas/ChangeLog
: 	* config/tc-hppa.c (md_parse_option): Support `-V' for ELF.
: 	(md_shortopts): Add `V' for ELF.
: 	* config/tc-hppa.c (arg_reloc_stub_needed): Define as zero except
: 	when SOM or ELF_ARG_RELOC are defined.
: 	(pa_type_args): Only set symbol_arg_reloc_info when SOM or
: 	ELF_ARG_RELOC are defined.
: 	(pa_stringer_aux): Don't pa_check_current_space_and_subspace here..
: 	(pa_stringer): ..Do it here instead.  Fix comment typos.
: 	(hppa_force_relocation): Cast enums to int before comparing with
: 	ints.
: 	From  Ryan Bradetich  <>
: 	* config/tc-hppa.c: Removed unneeded libbfd.h to fix macro
: 	redifinition warning.
: 	(md_apply_fix): Added cast from enum to int for fixP->fx_r_type.
: 	(hppa_force_relocation): ditto
: 	(md_apply_fix): Added cast to buf to fix warnings.
: 	* config/tc-hppa.h (pa_define_label, parse_cons_expression_hppa,
: 	cons_fix_new_hppa, hppa_force_relocation): Prototype.
: 	* config/tc-hppa.c (reloc_type): It's an enum for OBJ_ELF.
: 	(R_N0SEL, R_N1SEL): Define only for OBJ_SOM.
: 	(tc_gen_reloc): Make `code' a reloc_type and `codes' a
: 	reloc_type** to avoid warnings in switch.
: 	(md_apply_fix): Make insn, val signed.  Zap buf_wd and read insn a
: 	little earlier instead.
: 	* config/tc-hppa.c (symbol_arg_reloc_info): Define for both som
: 	and elf.
: 	(pa_type_args): Use symbol_arg_reloc_info.
: 	(struct pa_it): Make arg_reloc unsigned int.
: 	(struct hppa_fix_struct): Likewise for fx_arg_reloc.
: 	(pa_text, pa_data, pa_comm): Don't compile for TE_LINUX.
: 	(pa_code): Delete.  pa_text duplicates this function.
: 	(md_pseudo_table): Call obj_elf_text for ".code" if TE_LINUX.
: 	(fix_new_hppa): Argument offset is offsetT, arg_reloc is unsigned
: 	int.
: 	(cons_fix_new_hppa): Actually change selector to e_fsel when
: 	warning about assuming so.
: 	(tc_gen_reloc): More example elf arg reloc code.
: 	(md_apply_fix): Use arg_reloc_stub_needed for elf too.
: 	(hppa_force_relocation): Likewise.
: 	* config/tc-hppa.h: Use TARGET_ARCH_SIZE to select target include
: 	files.
: 	(pa_end_of_source): Prototype.
: 	(hppa_fix_adjustable): Prototype.
: 	* config/te-hppa.h: To here.
: 	* config/te-hppa64.h: New file.
: 	* config/tc-hppa.c: Use TARGET_ARCH_SIZE to select target reloc
: 	type.
: 	(md_apply_fix): Pass stdoutput to bfd_hppa_insn2fmt.  Handle
: 	format -10, -16, 16 relocs.
: 	(hppa_elf_mark_end_of_function): Test for null
: 	last_call_info->start_symbol
: 	* config/tc-hppa.c (pa_ip): In case 'V', pass `strict' to
: 	CHECK_FIELD, not INSERT_FIELD_AND_CONTINUE.  Don't pass opcode to
: 	re_assesmble_* functions.  Delete extraneous statements.  Fix
: 	typos in comments.
: 	(md_apply_fix): Compare against 1048575 in case 21.  Don't pass
: 	insn to re_assemble_*.



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