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Re: binutils-20000625 ld.exe --shared broken

Hi Guys,

: No, I think that code is right.  Normally, when an archive is created,
: the member BFDs are read from disk, and written to the archive's disk
: file.  Thus, they must be in read mode to be read from the disk.  I
: don't think this test is testing the writability of the archive
: members, because it hasn't created them yet.  So, I think the right
: thing to do is make sure that pe_dll_generate_implib switches all the
: member bfds it creates from write mode (when it creates them) to read
: mode (so it can store them in the archive).

I agree with DJ, although I must confess I had to read the explanation
and look through the code a couple of times before understanding what
is going on.

I belive that the [not writable] test in _bfd_write_archive_contents()
is there because up until this point none of the archive contents
should have been written out, so there should be no reason for the
archive memeber to have the writeable attribute.  (Adding a comment to
this effect in the code would be a good idea).


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