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IEEE support issues


1. This code in ieee.c was fixed in CVS but then reverted:

  info->filename = filename;
  modname = strrchr (filename, '/');
  /* We could have a mixed forward/back slash case.  */
  backslash = strrchr (modname, '\\');
  if (backslash > modname)
    modname = backslash;

  if (modname != NULL)

Could anyone please to replace at least `modname' with `filename' in the
second strrchr so binutils will not crash on IEEE producing? I really don't
care about signed pointers but this change is essential for me since we
regularly produce IEEE object files from COFF in our company ;-)

2. The second issue I found is that GCC and Binutils differently parses
size in .stab debug information: GCC produces sizes in bits and Binutils
assumes bytes. I don't know who is right (though it seems like GCC) but
this issue should be resolved. Currently I've added division by 8 to the
parse_stab_type() (stabs.c) as follows:
       switch (*attr)
         case 's':
           size = atoi (attr + 1) / 8; /* adjust the size */
           if (size <= 0)
          size = -1;

         case 'S':
           stringp = true;

           /* Ignore unrecognized type attributes, so future
           compilers can invent new ones.  */

Alexander Aganichev
Hypercom Europe Limited, Inc.
Software Engineer

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