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src/ld ChangeLog ld.texinfo ldint.texinfo ldma ...

CVSROOT:	/cvs/src
Module name:	src
Changes by:	2001-08-02 16:12:02

Modified files:
	ld             : ChangeLog ld.texinfo ldint.texinfo ldmain.c 
	                 pe-dll.c pe-dll.h 

Log message:
	2001-08-02  Charles Wilson  <>
	* ldmain.c (main): initialize link_info.pei386_auto_import
	* pe-dll.c: new tables for auto-export filtering
	(auto_export): change API, pass abfd for contextual filtering.
	Loop thru tables of excluded symbols instead of comparing
	"by hand".
	2001-08-02  Paul Sokolovsky  <>
	* pe-dll.c: new variable pe_dll_enable_extra_debug. New
	static variable current_sec (static struct sec *). Add
	forward declaration for add_bfd_to_link.
	(process_def_file): Don't export undefined symbols. Do not
	export symbols starting with  "_imp__".  Call auto_export()
	with new API.
	(pe_walk_relocs_of_symbol): New function.
	(generate_reloc): add optional extra debugging
	(pe_dll_generate_def_file): eliminate extraneous initial blank
	line in output
	(make_one): enlarge symtab to make room for __nm__ symbols
	(DATA auto-import support).
	(make_singleton_name_thunk): New function.
	(make_import_fixup_mark): New function.
	(make_import_fixup_entry): New function.
	(pe_create_import_fixup): New function.
	(add_bfd_to_link): Specify that 'name' argument is a CONST
	char *.
	* pe-dll.h: declare new variable pe_dll_extra_pe_debug;
	declare new functions pe_walk_relocs_of_symbol and
	* emultempl/pe.em: add new options --enable-auto-import,
	--disable-auto-import, and --enable-extra-pe-debug.
	(make_import_fixup): New function.
	(pe_find_data_imports): New function.
	(pr_sym): New function.
	(gld_${EMULATION_NAME}_after_open): Add optional extra pe
	debugging. Call pe_find_data_imports.  Mark .idata as DATA, not
	2001-08-02  Charles Wilson  <>
	* ld.texinfo: add additional documentation for
	--export-all-symbols.  Document --out-implib,
	--enable-auto-image-base, --disable-auto-image-base,
	--dll-search-prefix, --enable-auto-import, and
	* ldint.texinfo: Add detailed documentation on auto-import


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