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Re: archer/tromey patches left to merge

On 14/10/13 15:37, Tom Tromey wrote:
> Phil> * gdb.cli() command.
> [...]

Thanks for the reply Tom.  Here is my plan, pending other comments.

* Merge caller_is and caller_matches functions.

  I will keep them as two separate functions.  My first thought was to
  achieve the results of both with optional keyword arguments, but
  after investigating a little this would probably end up with a
  function heavily loaded with conditional keyword arguments.  It
  removes simplicity and adds complexity, so going with how it stands
  now.  I will add the option to search the entire stack.  I will need
  to write tests and documentation for both.

* Merge -P and gdb.cli()

  These two patches will be merged as one submission as they seem to
  be complimentary in a use-case sense.  I will need to write tests
  and documentation for both.  The -P tests and the gdb.cli() tests
  seem to be non-trivial in the GDB test suite.

* Merge ignore_errors command.

  Tom provided a case that it is needed.  Needs tests and

* Merge in_scope function.

  I think this is useful, so I will port it.  Needs test and
  documentation.  (As an aside, I am not sure where we should document
  these python only functions.  Will discuss.)

* Merge pahole command.

  I am not sure how to make this language agnostic, or even how to
  make it complimentary with ptype.  (We will discuss this more when
  the time-slot arrives in my schedule to consider the effort of
  porting it).
That's the order I intend to work on them as time allows.  Lastly, I
will delete the defunct code orphans and remove the obsoleted commands
from the branch.



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