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tromey/python non-trivial merge notification

Jan asked me to investigate a non-trivial merge issue today with the
tromey/python branch.

I merged tromey/python and fixed the trivial merge conflicts first.
The commit reference for that is:


The non trivial issue was as follows:

Upstream GDB added a patch that caused some conflict in the gdb.cli()
Python command.  The commit was:


2013-09-06  Andrew Burgess  <>

       * cli/cli-interp.c (_initialize_cli_interp): Add a
       command_loop_proc to interp_procs.
       * event-top.c (cli_command_loop): Change signature to match
       * event-top.h (cli_command_loop): Same.
       * interps.c (interp_new): Require every interpreter to have a
       (current_interp_command_loop): Just call the command_loop_proc on
       the current interpreter.
       * tui/tui-interp.c (_initialize_tui_interp): Add a
       command_loop_proc to interp_procs.

The first fix I thought of was just to pass cli_command_loop a NULL
(as cli_command_loop does not actually do anything with the data).
Jan rightly pointed out that in the future this may cause issues as,
really, this code requires a command_loop_proc.

Then we thought about using current_interp_command_loop instead.  This
would work fine, but it would be MI incompatible.  I could not think
of a reason why gdb.cli() would be invoked from MI. (It does not make
a whole lot of sense to do so, but someone might prove me wrong ;) )

I decided to bar invocation of this command in MI, and just use
current_interp_command_loop instead.  The commit for this fix is:


 2013-10-14  Phil Muldoon  <>
        * python/python.c (gdbpy_cli): Use current_interp_command_loop and
        bar invocation from MI.

As this is a non-trivial change I decide to notify archer list about
the changes.



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