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Re: Proposal to change branch maintenance

On Mon, 18 Feb 2013 17:10:22 +0100, Tom Tromey wrote:
> Also I think we should delete all the branches that we got from
> gdb.git.  There's no need for them in archer.git.

I already did so, where do you see them?
	archer.git "master" deletion (+branches cleanup)
	Message-ID: <>

> I found this that shows a way that we could make README.archer work
> without excessive merge issues:

Those are two big pages with many solutions, which one do you mean?

I quickly found there only dropping of the merged content; but in fact the
list of merged branches would be exactly useful during the merging:

Currently I track a separate file "IMPORT" generating the merged branches list
there (currently only 2, there were many), this could be done automatically
now, see the header of:

> Alternatively we could pick the README file name based on the branch
> name.  This isn't as convenient but it would also work.

The convenience depends on whether it is for branch author or for the merge
maintainer. :-)


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