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Re: [Archer] Re: [Archer] Stop the Insanity! Linespec Rewrite

Hi Keith,

Sorry for the delay in answering this...

> I have a patch to fix this. Thank you for bringing this to my
> attention (and adding tests for it). Your new operator_bps.exp
> passes 100% on archer-keiths-linespec-rewrite. [I haven't pushed the
> patch yet.]

Awesome, thanks!

> >   . Our testsuite spotted a couple of crashes. They might be related
> >     to the crash that Tom mentioned, although I kind of doubt it.
> >     Nevertheless, I'll investigate them after you've looked at Tom's
> >     report, just in case they end up having the same cause.
> If you can tell me how to reproduce, I will take a look. There are
> probably lots of gotchas all over the place. I relied heavily (too
> much?) on the test suite. I wonder what bugs Go, D, and other
> languages might expose.

OK. I have added two new testcases:

    * gdb.ada/bp_enum_homonym.exp: The testcase inserts a breakpoint
      using a function name ("archive"), but that name is also used
      as the name of one of the enumerals in an enumerated type.

    * gdb.ada/bp_on_var.exp: The testcase attempts to insert some
      breakpoints using variable names. The breakpoints should be

If you'd like me to take a look and tell you what's going on, I'd be
more than happy to...


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