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Re: Generating gdb index at link time


Cary Coutant <> writes:

>>> Tom> This problem was that .debug_pub* are explicitly for public names, but
>>> Tom> for GDB we wanted to see all names (so that "break staticfunction" works
>>> Tom> and "break typo" doesn't cause reading all CUs). ÂThis particular
>>> Tom> problem was resolved by you :) saying that we should just change GCC to
>>> Tom> emit all the names.
>>> Cary> No one has actually changed GCC to do that, yet, though -- right?
>>> I think either Dodji or I had a patch at one point. ÂIt may have been
>>> part of Dodji's patch to change .debug_pub* to also include all the
>>> extra info we thought we needed at the time.
>>> I'm not sure if it is still around.
>> If you can find it, we'd definitely be interested in it.

I stored the iterations of that patch as attachments to before dropping the
ball on this issue.


>>> Cary> I think the biggest problem is an issue I've seen where the DIE for a
>>> Cary> class isn't properly nested inside the right context (even after
>>> Cary> following DW_AT_specification). There's an ugly workaround for this in
>>> Cary> gdb (by looking for a member subprogram with a linkage name, and
>>> Cary> extracting the class name from that), which I copied into gold. As
>>> Cary> part of this work, I'd like to fix that bug in GCC, and any others
>>> Cary> like it.
>>> Yeah. ÂWe've tried to file and/or fix problems like this as we've run
>>> across them. ÂThere are still some open bugs around naming.

I'd be interested in looking into these nesting bugs when I have some
free cycles.  Please CC me on these.



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